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I am Enid Revious, owner and primary photographer at Ethereal Exposures Photography. I love images that have vibrant crisp colors and unique and imaginative angles. I love images that are striking to the eye. Bright but still realistic. Images that make it hard to look away. Those are the ones I print, frame and hang all over my walls. My passion in photography started in 2013 with the birth of my first daughter. To learn more about my personal journey into photography, check out my blog post, The Woman Behind the Lens.

“I love images that have vibrant crisp colors and unique and imaginative angles.”

My husband, Adam, and I work together at Ethereal Exposures. Adam is my secondary photographer and master editor. It is wonderful to work alongside your partner and together we make a fabulous team.

I like to deliver a healthy mix of eloquently posed shots, perfect for formal framing in your home as well as some fun spur of the moment shots, perfect for a fun collage. I believe pictures should capture the moment, be windows into your personality, show energy, love, and be fun. My goal in my sessions is to create and capture genuine moments while providing simple guidance to ensure a unique experience and a photographic outcome.

“I believe pictures should capture the moment, be windows into your personality, show energy, love, and be fun.”

I work to design a session around you and your needs. Once you schedule a session with me, I will setup a consultation to meet you, get to know you, and discover your vision. Not only is my goal to deliver you your dream photography session, but also to form a lasting relationship. I want you to not only love your images but also the time we spent together throughout the entire experience.

Our world is so high-paced that it is easy to live constantly, almost feverishly, and not even think about taking the time to capture fleeting moments before they pass. A periodic professional photo session is a great way to slow down and ensure your loved ones are captured in a professional and artistic way. And, if you love vibrant beautiful colors, beautiful light, and unique angles then you have come to the right place!


A Little More About ME …


In addition to being a photographer, I love to write, and I maintain a blog portion of this website. Please hop on over to my blog page, check it out, and subscribe. I am a mother of two little girls and not only am I committed to capturing and treasuring as much as I can of their childhood with my photography but also to live each moment to the fullest and be the best mom I possibly can. I feel that it is my job to provide my girls with a safe and healthy home. I am very analytical by nature. I don’t just do things because they “sound” good. I need reasons and data. So I usually will do a decent amount of research before making a decision. I want to understand the why behind things so I can then determine the best solution based on logical fact. But too often, the decision to be healthier costs more and this is not always financially feasible. When I left my corporate career to be a full-time mother and photographer (my business was super fledgling and was not pulling in much at the time), our income as a family was reduced to half! But even with less monthly dollars, I still wanted to provide my girls with a healthy wholesome home and so I was on a mission to find healthier solutions for less. I was determined to find ways to be healthy without having to be wealthy. In my blog pages, I share this quest with you as well as so much more. You will get to know me as a person, a photographer, a mother…

” I am committed to being the best mom I possibly can. It is my job to provide my girls with a safe and healthy home”

In my blog pages, I will share with you tidbits of my life, being a mom, how to take better pictures, tricks on how to prepare for an upcoming photography session, favorite recipes, my research and decisions on how to create a healthier home for less, and much more! Hop on over, and let’s get to know one another.


Enid Revious, Ethereal Exposures Photography


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