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Character Magic | A True Princess Aurora

Imagine. Magical. Whimsical.

What if your dreams came true, even just for a day? You woke up and got to be a real princess? Then the day was over like just like it was a dream, yet you have a beautiful memory and all these beautiful images…

What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

About this Session

We caught up with princess Aurora walking through the royal gardens a few weeks back. Of course, we snapped a few pictures of this beautiful princess. How befitting is this session to my little Aurora? Of course, I had to do a session with her as her namesake. Here are the images from that session … 

Little girl in princess dress walking through field Little girl dressed as sleeping beauty looking down little girl laughing into her hand wearing princess aurora dress Little girl wearing princess dress touching her hands to her shoulders and looking off little girl in princess dress looking away dressed as sleeping beauty a little girl makes direct eye contact a little girl in a princess dress relaxing against a tree a little girl dressed as sleeping beauty walking through a garden

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