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Christmas Magic for Joshy

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and I especially love Christmas Tree Magic sessions. I really look forward to taking these each year. These sessions really capture the awe and the beauty of one of our most iconic decorative traditions: the Christmas tree. A well as the awe and innocents of a child looking forward to Christmas. The image seems to glow and come alive. These sessions are done in the client’s home and so no two are alike. They are completely personal and custom. The Christmas Tree Magic session is the first session type to be cataloged as an EE Signature Session. Look for more Signature Session types upcoming in 2018!

About this Session

Tree sessions are done solely by the lights on the Christmas tree so they tend to be low light images. The overall brightness of the image is very often a component of simply how many lights are on the tree. I absolutely love a bright tree with some light fall-off around the edges of the image… For this session, my little subject was a three year old boy, Joshy. Please take a look at the images he and I created together…once upon a Christmas …  

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