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Christmas Magic for the Revious Girls

I love Christmas Tree Magic sessions and look forward to them every year. I have been doing these with my girls now for about 4 years now and it is apart of our family’s Christmas tradition. I love coordinating the wrapping paper with the jammies and the ornaments on the tree. Believe it or not, that level of attention to detail does make for a better image. These sessions are a recent add to our EE Signature Session series. Currently, we offer them as in-home sessions which makes the resulting images unique and personal. These sessions are offered starting after Thanksgiving through December 20th, usually take about 20 minutes and are announced annually on the Ethereal Exposures Face Book page.

About this Session

So one of the techniques for taking pictures with young kids is a method called “set and reset”. Basically, one person puts the child in place and then quickly gets out of frame while the other person is in place ready to snap the picture. Kids move so quickly that in many cases its just not possible for one person to put the child in place and then back up and get in position fast enough to actually take the picture before they move. So with my kids, its easier for me to put them in place and coach them through the process and for Adam to take the picture. So he actually took a good number of these this year.

These are low light photos and all the light that is being used is coming from the tree. So on my tree, there are over 500 tiny lights. That’s a lot of lights! take a look at what we captured this year. How would you like to make a session like this a part of your family Christmas tradition? Be sure to like the Ethereal Exposures Face Book page to get all the details. 

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