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Falling Leaves and Fall Colors

As I was driving back to the house the other day, I noticed a pathway on the side of the house which was covered in beautiful brown leaves. I made a mental note that I needed to get out there to take some fall pictures with the girls. Well, that afternoon the city gardeners came by and blew all the leaves away. I was bummed. So, we waited a week for some more leaves to fall. 

About this Session

Mainly, for this session, I saw the leaves on the ground and the golds and reds in the tree foliage lining the pathway right by our house. I immediately thought of a session with my girls playing in the leaves. And, I wanted to take the opportunity to practice using my new umbrella light box with kids. The day was partially cloudy and the pathway was mostly shaded. I used the umbrella to light the girls faces and to balance out the lighting, since overcast days can often give a very drab lighting affect. Since the kids were running around, making sure my umbrella was set up properly for the shot was a constant challenge but it does make a difference in the overall image. Here are some favs.


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