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Learning Photography through Light  – with Ethereal Exposures Photography

Do you want to learn more about how to take better pictures or learn more about that DSLR you just purchased? If so, then these posts are for you! I have made my tutorials easy and simple to understand. Be sure to follow my blog (sign up form on the right in the side bar) to ensure you get notified of every new post. I believe the study of photography is really the study of light and have written my tutorials around light, understanding it, and how your camera interacts with it. Each lesson is written in an easy-to-read easy-to-understand format with a summary of key learnings and some practice exercises. Grab a cup of coffee and your camera and let’s get started learning photography…together.

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 Intro to Learning Photography – Start Here

Chapter 1 – Reading Light

Lesson 1: The Meter
Lesson 2: The Histogram

Chapter 2 – Balancing Light

Lesson 3: The Components of the Exposure Triangle
Lesson 4: Shutter Speed
Lesson 5: Aperture
Lesson 6: ISO
Lesson 7: Putting it all Together (coming soon)
Lesson 8: Understanding Pre-programmed Scenes (coming soon)
Lesson 9: Metering Modes

Chapter 3 – Qualities of Light

Lesson 10: Direction of Light (coming soon)
Lesson 11: Temperature of Light (coming soon)
Lesson 12: Qualitative Properties (coming soon)
Lesson 13 – Hard vs. Soft Light (coming soon)
Lesson 14 – Diffused vs. Specular (coming soon)
Lesson 15 – Low Light (coming soon)

Chapter 4 – Seeking Light

Lesson 16 – The Golden Hour (coming soon)
Lesson 17 – Back-lighting (coming soon)
Lesson 18 – Haze and Sunbursts (coming soon)
Lesson 19 – Indoor Light (coming soon)

Chapter 5 – Supplementing Light


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