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A Quick Mommy and Me Mini | Clovis Family Photographer

As a mother, I am constantly taking pictures of my kids … even if its just a few quick snapshots on my phone. I probably take several pictures of them every day. But rarely am I in the pictures .. kinda hard to do if you are the one taking them, right? I know other mothers struggle with this too. Life is busy. We are happy to snap a few pictures of our kids each day to preserve those daily memories, but rarely do we include ourselves. Its not necessarily intentional (well if I don’t feel I look good then maybe it is)… but mostly its just the way things work out.

About this Session

So for Mother’s Day this year I was at my mom’s house and my sister and her son were there too. I decided to gift her with a few pictures and capture her and her son together. Just a couple nice impromptu memory pictures. The light was beautiful, which if you are a photographer, yummy light is like a drug. We ran outside just before dinner and snapped a couple quick pictures. These are backlit in my mom’s backyard. Most are full natural light and then for a select few I used a little fill. This kid is so methodical and inquisitive. And his little winking face is the absolute cutest. Its part of his unique personality and I love that I captured it. I am sure I am biased, but I have the cutest nephew. Please take a look.

image of toddler winking image of child holding iris image of mother and son in garden image of mother hugging toddler image of mother kissing toddler image of toddelr kissing mother

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