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Session Spotlight | Cadence | Clovis Senior Photographer

So there are some sessions that just make your creative soul sing. This session was like that. I love everything about it: the light, the attitude, the confidence, the imagery, everything! This girl has got it all!

About this Session

I absolutely love these. There are images that are beautiful, light, and airy and then some images that show a strong independent confident young woman, maybe even with a touch of attitude, a touch of sass? So this is my friend’s daughter and I have to say I really think we captured her personality through these. She is an amazing young woman. Feminine yet strong and confident.

So for one of the locations, we were literally by the side of the road in front of this white picket fence. Once a week, on my way to my daughter’s preschool I would pass this fence with yellow wild flowers growing in front of it and for whatever reason it inspired me. I wanted to take pictures in front it of so bad. So I did. And, it was amazing.

So these were taken right before Golden hour up into Golden hour. My strategy was to backlight and then use my reflector to bounce a little light back up into her face. I used the white reflector for the images by the fence and then later in the dead forest I used the silver reflector for more specular light.  For the ones that are “blue” looking… the sky was actually grayish as it was not night time at all …. so to achieve this look I set my white balance for the look I was after and then used a full CTO gel on my flash to correct skin tones.

These are some of my all time favorite images. Please take a look…

  image of teen at night in forest dark and moody image of teen in intimidating forest image of teen with beautiful light in bare forest artsy image of teen walking in field image of teen standing by white picket fence image of close up of teen basking in beautiful light image of teen leaning up on white fence image of girl day dreamng on fence post image of teenager leanng up on fence image of girl leaning up on fence iamge of girl haging onto fence image of girl walking accross the street

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